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At Dexitrade we are aware that a well designed lighting solution will dress your home, impress your customers, and address your signage and building needs. We have the products, knowledge and experience to create custom solutions that suit your requirements.

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With 20 years of experience of supplying illumination components especially for signage, Dexitrade is well equipped to take care of any requirements you may have to assist you to design and manufacture world class products. From concept to design, layout to costings, manufacturing to supply, and installation to after-sales, we can assist you every step of the way.

Our team is reliable and our work ethic is superb. We will not compromise on quality and remain competitively priced, making us the preferred supplier to the signage industry on a nationwide basis.


Single or double sided light boxes are easy and cost effective to fabricate and are therefore used extensively for most retail outlets where simple impact is required. From Back Lit to Side Lit to Top or Bottom lit, our DexiLED range of LED modules and Power Supply Units can be used to suit light boxes of every dimension and brightness.


Dexitrade range of Cold Cathode products, as well as a variety of DexiLED LED modules and light lines are either now specified or widely used in a number of Petroleum Service Stations around the country. These include our latest addition, the DexiLED Canopy LED Downlights. Dexitrade can offer locally manufactured lightline solutions as well as European quality lightline options.

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Home Projects

Dexitrade DexiLED Flexitape products offer easy installation options for under stairs, counters and cabinets. We recently completed a project using RGB and Flexitape to enhance the kitchen, bedrooms, entertainment bar area and walkways.
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Interior Design

Dexitrade offers a variety of LED flexitape, light line, cove lighting (neon or LED) and creative lighting solutions.
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Dexitrade is able to provide custom designs and solutions for various architectural requirements, from staircase illumination, cove lighting (both LED and cold cathode solutions) to RGB colour changing illuminations. Interior lighting design transforms space, particularly for recesses, bars or
counters, and accent areas. High Quality Exterior building outlines create definitive profiles on the skyline.

Display and Shop Fittings

Having the right lighting in your retail outlet can influence your customer’s decision to buy or not. DexiLED modules and Flexitape are available in a variety of sizes, power outputs and colours. Our DexiLED RGB systems provide excellent lighting for all shop fittings and display cabinets. Allow our
experienced sales team to assist you with your selection.

Exhibition Stands

First impressions count, and you need to have captured your audiences attention within seconds in the busy world of expos’s. Let Dexitrade assist with product templates for your exhibition stands, as well as various  animation and colour options.